Summer Course 2019 Testimonials

Testimonials cont…

“I attended the Mental Fitness for Learning summer course this year. I found it very relevant and learned a lot. I will take many of the strategies and tips I have learned back to my classroom in September. I particularly enjoyed the way the course touched on both student and teacher well-being. Seána and Aoife are so genuine and enthusiastic about mental health that it’s impossible not to get swept up in their energy. I would highly recommend this course to my teaching colleagues.”

“A truly inspirational and life affirming course. Aoife and Seána presented and supported our journey to recognising our needs to nurture our mental health and in turn recognising and validating the students with whom we work. Thought provoking and a must for all teachers and parents alike.”

“I want to thank both Aoife and Seána for an amazing week centred around mental health. I have taken so much away from this course that will benefit both myself and my students. I enjoyed every hour, every minute and look forward to practicing my gratitude on a daily basis”

“Thank you to Aoife and Seána for a truly inspiring week, full of great ideas and practical activities and resources to use at home and in school. On a personal note as someone who has experienced trauma and on medication for anxiety, this weeks course has been a form of therapy for me and has given me hope for myself and in turn for my kids. Thank you both sincerely. Best of luck with your wonderful venture.”

“Thank you so so much Aoife and Seána for an incredible week at your BeWell-Dowell course in Galway this summer. Your kindness, your knowledge, your delivery of such vital information and skills in our personal mental fitness, together with pricless resources and strategies to help improve the mental fitness of our children and students will truly stay with me forever. I couldn’t recommend Aoife and Seána more highly as mental fitness facilitators. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to engage with this. Wishing you a lovely summer Aoife and Seána. Many thanks again.

“I have completed a week long course with Aoife and Seána in Mental Fitness for Learning. As a teacher I have found the information to be eye opening. I will use what I have learned both personally and professionally. The most important part for me was the practical and achieveable approach to change – how small things can make a big difference. I thoroughly recommend this course”.

“I would highly recommend doing this course. The course is easily accecssible, easy to understand and provides tools which will be easy to implement”.

“Seána and Aoiefe, thank you so much for such an incredible week of learning. your love, knowledge and passion for mental health and well being has been truly inspiring. The skills and knowledge I have learnt on your course will not only help me to be the teacher I want to be but the sister, friend, daughter, wife and mother. I’m leaving the course excited to put all things I have learnt into action. Thank you for such an enjoyable, positive learning experience”.

Read the rest of our testimonials here.

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