Programmes for Adults.

Both Seána and Aoife have experienced many highs and lows in their lives. However they did so without the necessary mental-wellbeing tools. Over the last five years they have immersed themselves in the fields of mental health and well-being to bring about changes in their own lives and that of their students. All of this information they wish they had learned when they were in school. What they do know is that you are never too old to start! These programmes are for you. We plant the seeds and give you a starting point with the language you wish you always knew

Mental Health Programmes | Be Well Do Well

Living with Bereavement.

Audience: Adults
Length: 35 minutes
Price: €15

Description: This session deals with coping with grief whatever stage you are at. It provides the viewer with an opportunity to take stock and focus on the benefits of self-care and movement during the grieving process. We also explore a variety of ways to maintain the connection with those who have died.


“Powerful Stuff. It feels amazing to be reminded that I am not alone. It was a breath of fresh air. You ladies are the A Team.”

“Almost a year on from losing my wonderful Dad, I watched this presentation by Seána and Aoife. I was very moved by their honesty and humility, and I felt so reassured to hear that many of my feelings and reactions have been normal.

The reminder that the journey of grieving a loved one is so unique to everyone of us was so reassuring. The recognition of each person’s grief, and the understanding and kindness behind each practical coping strategy has really been of great benefit to me.

I would definitely recommend giving yourself the gift of this presentation –  it was a presentation  that I would watch again repeated times over a number of months. Various little nuggets have really struck a chord with me at various stages.  Sincerest thanks ladies.”

Parenting Programme.

Audience: Parents/Caregivers
Length: 4 x 30 mins.

Description: Participants on the course (parents, grandparents, caregivers and guardians) will learn how to listen, understand and support their children’s emotional needs. They will learn practical skills and strategies, including useful language, to help guide and support their children through their world.

Parenting Programmes | Be Well Do Well

“Your programme has been really valuable for me, thank you. Both for myself and in helping me in the way I parent my children. Thank you for all your thinking, passion and energy. “