Programmes for Children.

We have been teaching for nearly 20 years each and have witnessed a concerning change in our students’ ability to cope with change and manage anxiety. The feedback we have received is a testament to the effectiveness of the programme. There is no quick-fix when it comes to building a strong foundation for children’s mental health but the BWDW programmes are a great place to start!

Coping with Change | Be Well Do Well

Coping with Change.

Audience: Adults & Children (aged 8+)
Length: 12 minutes recording + recommended 10 minutes for pause and chat
Price: €12

Description: This session talks about changes (both positive and challenging) and how we can cope with them. We provide opportunities for you to pause the video and engage in chats.


“I enjoyed it and my Mam did too can’t wait till next time.” (Child participant)

“My goodness this is something I wish we had learned as a child. This is an absolute gift. Love the advice to children to check in with an adult.” (Parent participant)

“Me and my mam talked about change and about Covid-19. I enjoyed it and my mam did too. Can’t wait to do the next one.” – 9 year old participant

M.H.E. for Children.

Audience: Children (9-13 years of age)
Length: 7 x 15 mins

Description: This programme follows a developmental approach to mental health and we recommend children watch each session in sequence.

Children's Mental Health Programmes | Be Well Do Well

“I liked it. It was amazing. I learned what to do if I feel sad or angry about something. My affirmation today is I can do hard things.” – 10 year old participant