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Parenting Programmes | Be Well Do Well

Coping with Change (Part I).

Audience: Adults and Children (aged 5+)
Length: 25 minutes
Price: €8

Description: Change is the one thing that is guaranteed in life. These changes can be big or small and include anything from a bereavement, transitioning into a new class/school/job, moving house, separation, arrival of a new child, illness etc. In this session your family will learn effective strategies to help you and your family cope with whatever changes you are experiencing.

“Well we loved the video, I did it with my older two children (aged 10 and 8). It was great, we coloured and chatted through the questions. Couple of revelations from the kids about how they feel and their thoughts. One which stood out because of where we are at the moment…I’m not sure this would have come about from any other conversation. We are looking forward to the next one.” (Participant – Parent)

Coping with Change (Part II).

Audience: Adults and Children (aged 5+)
Length: 21 minutes
Price: €8

Description: This session is a continuation of the session Coping with Change Part I. Here we will explore how we can use the awareness of our energy levels to cope with change and find ways of charging our own internal batteries.

Coping with Change | BeWell DoWell Mental Health Programmes
“ II enjoyed it and my Mam did too. Can’t wait till next time” (Participant – 9 years old)
Coping with Change | Be Well Do Well

Learning about our Brain (Part I).

Audience: Adults and Children (aged 5+)
Length: 16 minutes
Price: €8

Description: In this session you will learn all about the different parts of our brain relating to our mental health.


“Excellent video, I watched it with my sister and my mom. I know a lot about my feelings and my brain now. I can’t wait for the next video. Thanks“ (Participant – 12 years old)

Learning about our Brain (Part II).

Audience: Adults and Children (aged 5+)
Length: 22 minutes
Price: €8

Description: In this session we will further explore the parts of our brain that affect our behaviour so that we can better understand ourselves and other people.

Recommended Resource – Book – The Whole Brain Child (Daniel J. Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson)

Learning about your Brain | Mental Health Programme

“ I think it is amazing because it calms me and makes me feel better and happy.” (Participant – 9 years old)

Understanding you Emotions | Mental Health Programme

Understanding our Emotions.

Audience: Adults and Children (aged 5+)
Length: 23 minutes
Price: €8

Description: Learning to understand our emotions, their role and what we need them for etc is the first step to managing them.

“As a parent I am learning so much from these sessions for myself. My favourite element of this programme though is being able to do it with my children (aged 13 and 11 year olds). What a difference it is making for us all. ” (Participant – Parent)

Managing our Emotions.

Audience: Adults and Children (aged 5+)
Length: 20 minutes
Price: €8

Description: Here we learn a number of evidenced-based  strategies to help adults and children to manage their emotions.

Managing your Emotions | Mental Health Programme
“ I wish my teachers and everyone in my class could learn about their chimp brains. I think it would really help.” (Participant – 6 years old)
Anger - Managing & Understanding It

Anger – Understanding & Managing It.

Audience: Adults and Children (aged 5+)
Length: 30 minutes
Price: €8

Description: This session examines the emotion of anger. Families will learn what anger is, where it comes from and a variety of ways to help them to learn to manage it.

“Hi Aoife! We are loving these videos! You did a great job of breaking it down into terms the kids can understand. (Parent Participant – children aged 6 and 12 years old)


Please note that this programme takes a preventative approach to mental health. While the content has been sourced from all the leaders in the field of mental health, this programme does not replace medical advice nor is it a treatment programme.
If you have concerns about you or the children in your lives, please seek advice from a professional.
BWDW does not grant permission for any sharing of our content.
BWDW reserves the right to change our programme, without notice, as well as any service or product offered.

This programme provides families with a place to start with regards to learning about their mental health and emotional well-being.

We strongly recommend that families:

  • Follow the programme as outlined. It has been developed with children in mind and their capacity to learn this new information.
  • Watch no more than one session per week.
  • Utilise any resources or new language introduced in the program to consolidate what is being taught.
  • Enjoy this unique opportunity for your family to learn, engage and connect.