Be Well.

Mental Health Education
Programmes to help cope with the stresses
of life and enhance overall wellbeing.

What We Do.

BWDW provides a starting point when it comes to mental health education (M.H.E.) to individuals, families and organisations. We have developed numerous online programmes teaching people skills that we wish we had learned when we were in school. M.H.E. is as important as learning to read, write and count.
The programmes Living with Bereavement and Coping with Change are available to purchase here. The following M.H.E. programmes will be coming soon (click here).
Our programmes are rooted in evidenced-based skills and strategies and outline the language to start talking about mental health in an age appropriate way.

Mental Health Education Programmes for Adults


Programmes include Living with Bereavement, Coping with Change and M.H.E. for Parents.

Familes Mental Health Programme


Programmes include Coping with Change and Learning about our Brain.

Mental Health Programmes for Organisations


Mental health education tailored for staff wellbeing, parenting, and male-only groups.

Why Choose Us.

Why Choose Us | Be Well Do Well Mental Health Programmes

“There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.”
Desmond Tutu

We deliver mental health education programmes to help people to cope with the normal stresses of life and enhance their general state of well-being.
Through working with many groups including students, parents, coaches, employees, teachers, men only groups and people who have suffered loss, the following statements underpin the work of BWDW:

N Our unlearning is as important as our learning when it comes to mental health
N When it comes to mental health, learning the same language will help to break the cycle.
N It is never too late to learn life-changing skills, but the earlier they are taught, the better.
N We strive for progress, not perfection.

“Really enjoying the webinars and finding them very informative and useful. Skills for life and life changing; everyone would significantly benefit from hearing this content.”

“Your programme has been really valuable for me, thank you. Both for myself and in helping me in the way I parent my children. It is so great to have the various resources too… Thank you for all your thinking, passion and energy. You care doing great work!”

“Well done on a great course, fantastic presentations, very interesting, a wealth of information. Well done to you both, two very inspiring people. A lot to digest but small steps. Thanks for your great work”

“Just want to say I thoroughly enjoyed your talk today with us. I could have stayed the whole evening listening to you. You were so interesting and practical”

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